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  What do you think the best age to work on the estate planning (write a Will or create a Trust)? Have you noticed that even you don’t wrote your own Will, government already wrote one for you through the Distribution Act 1958? Do you know, without a will written, your illegal mate child or the adoption children will not get any single benefit out of your estate! Without a Will, your spouse maybe will act as jointed either administrator or guardian to your beneficiaries (minor) who are under aged 18! Does your spouse want your children guardianship and benefits administrated with a stranger? Without a Will, how long will be your asset unfrozen and distributed to your intended love ones (beneficiaries)? 6 months? 1 year or over 2 years? Even with a will, it shall takes at least 6 months before unfrozen your asset to your beneficiaries.

For business owners out there, do you think your surviving partner (i.e. best friends) will continue to pay same amount of salary and perks to your spouse after you are gone?

Estate planning’s objective is to help people assess the liquidity needs of their estates by creating a hypothetical probate and estimating the payments that would be required for taxes, liquidation of debts and mortgages, and the continuation of the present quality of life for the survivors. There are others who need estate planning for assurance that the property they own will stay intact after their deaths, rather than be subjected to liquidation (for only pennies on the dollar) to pay obligations other than taxes. Shortly after death there are certain estate costs due in cash. One of the primary purposes of estate planning is to plan in advance how these costs will be paid as well as to determine what methods are available to reduce the shrinkage of the estate from the taxes.

The major expenses that may have to be paid promptly in cash are:
• last illness expenses
• funeral and burial expenses
• debts of the deceased
• administrative expenses

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