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  In this modern world, everything needs money. But, how do you get paid? Is it through the man at work? money at work? or charity at work? If given a choice, most of the people will refuse to depend on “Charity At Work”. Why is it so? It may due to the pride, responsibility and many of us knew that we are unable to rely to long for the charity. Would you agree that your greatest asset is your ability to work?

In our lives, there are four possibilities may happen. One may have the dread disease, disablement, short life and long life. Among these 4 possibilities, people are most concerned about Dread Disease and disablement. If Dread Disease or disablement happens, one’s income will cease and expenses will increase.

On the other hand, you would need to have “Money At Work” to pay for all your daily expenses because anyhow lives must be carry on. It may also due to the reasons of pride and responsibility. So, do you think that your company will take care of your medical expenses and other commitments as well as continue providing annual income to you when Dread Disease or disablement occurs?

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  Business owners usually have strong, personal and passionate feelings towards their companies. This is understandable. Many of them invest the bulk of their personal assets and life savings in the business with the intention of making it grow. It is through their passion and commitment that the business prospers.

The business becomes literally part of the purpose of existence for many businessmen. Have you heard of the story of goose that lays golden eggs? Of course, the common practice will be safeguarding the goose in most priority. On the other hand, most people will only secure the golden eggs. Why is it so? Hastily the majority will only protect their assets such as premises, equipment, cars, supplies and other tangible assets in full value. Then how about the goose, do you know who is the goose? YOU ARE!!!

However, it is also a fact, and a sad one that despite their plans for their business, many business owners have not given much thought and consideration to what will happen to their business, or what they want to happen to it after they are seriously ill or in coma. Don’t you think that this is a sad legend for their heirs and associates? Do you think their next of kin able to manage the business in such a short notice without proper training and thus making wrong decisions that involve huge amount of money, simultaneously perform as excellent as their predecessor? This is just because the misinterpretation weight on these issues.

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