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Are you happy with your current income? Are you happy with your current lifestyle and working environment? Do you plan to carry on the way you carry on for the rest of your life? Here, we can make you change! We can make you earn an unlimited income and a better lifestyle!


Zenith believe that every organization must have a creed, a philosophy, and a faith within which it operates and by which it lives. We believe that this creed is a powerful force for the organization to operate successfully over an extended period of time even though it is sometimes unwritten or unspoken.

Zenith Group is specialized for below tasks:

- Conventional insurance plans
- Takaful plans
- General insurance plans
- Business succession planning
- Medical care diagnosis
- Unit trust funds (EPF or cash)
- Offshore funds
- Land banking (UDI)
- Bereavement care (personal use or investment)
- Mortgage home loan
- Commercial loan (SME assistance and grant)
- Estate planning (Will writing and create trust)

ii) Join Accredited Asset Management (AAM)

Zenith Group is also play a part in a FINANCIAL HOUSE named AAM.

Accredited Asset Management (AAM) is managed by a board of active financial advisory managers, the company aims to be a financial distribution power house of choice by life insurance companies, fund management companies, general insurance companies, banks and financial institutions.

- We are recruiting insurance advisors, financial planners, wealth managers, group managers and business development directors to form our core team of key people to develop the business opportunities in the financial advisory business.

- We will provide the infrastructure and the network for you to work along side with us to explore the business opportunities with the various principals and financial institutions.

For more information, please contact:
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